Can A Penis Exercise Make Me Bigger (and Stronger Down There?)

Would it surprise you to learn that a penis exercise may actually make you bigger ‘down there’?

Well, let’s clarify that a little. A 2010 review of evidence found that men who used a traction-based penis extender device who used it for six hours a day over four months increased their penis length anywhere from 1.8  to 3.1cm[1].

Granted, that was a penis extender and not a penis exercise, per se. But the mechanism is the same: applying traction to the penis stimulates cells to multiply within penile tissue, causing an increase in penis size.

So does that mean the right penis exercise will give you a 20 inch Johnson? Nope – but a penis exercise might certainly give you a noticeably bigger penis, assuming you do it right. You’ll want to do penis exercises with professional training through a program like PE Method for reasons we’re about to discuss.

Can A Penis Exercise Damage My Penis?

Possibly. The penis is a system of ligaments, tissue and blood vessels that can bruise, tear and generally mess up in ways you don’t really want to think about.

Penis stretching exercises can lead to:

  • Itching
  • Bruising
  • Discoloration
  • Red Spots
  • Numbness
  • Vein Rupture (Ouch!)

Do a penis exercise the wrong way and you may never get hard again. No, we’re not kidding.

Granted, that’s in an extreme case. Our point is that if you’re looking to make your penis bigger, whether with a penis extender device or with a series of penis exercises, safety is paramount.

If you go the penis exercise route, you need to take it seriously. Think about a program of exercises that are both safe and effective, developed and overseen by a urologist.

Can A Penis Exercise Give Me a Bigger Penis?

Now that we’ve scared you with tales of horror and penile mutation, rest assured that, when done right, a penis exercise might be able to give you a bigger penis. We know this – evidence shows that when traction is applied to the penis, over time, this helps to encourage growth of new penile tissue.

Yup, really. A 2011 study found that dudes who wore a penis traction device for up to 9 hours a day over three months gained up to an inch in length[2]. Granted, the study was done on a traction device, meaning a penis extender like ProExtender Deluxe, but the mechanism is the same. Consistent traction led to a longer penis.

We’ll talk about a specific penis exercise system that’s both safe and effective for giving you that bigger Johnson later in this article.

More Benefits of Penis Exercises

A good penis exercise – or system of them – may help give you a bigger penis. And yes, we know that’s what you want, but it may also do much more than that if you give it a chance. We say that because the penis is what makes you a dude. Size matters, but how you use it goes a long way too.

Among other things, the benefits of a penis exercise system can include:

Fewer Erection Problems – As guys get older, it’s not uncommon for their erectile muscles to lose tone and strength. Penis exercises can help you strengthen those muscles and, potentially, avoid a very embarrassing problem.

A ‘Straight’ Penis – A penis exercise system may help straighten a curved penis, and help reduce severe curvature from a condition like Peyronie’s disease.

Boost Your Sex Drive – Your hard-on needs blood flow. With more blood flowing to your nether-region, you may find you’re thinking about sex a lot more, and with erections to prove it.

Increase Your Confidence – When you have a bigger erection, you feel like a stud. When you have more erections and better performance, you feel even better.

Fewer Urination Problems – If you’re under 50, you may not get this. But you will definitely appreciate this when you’re a little older because this is when men often start to have problems with, well, taking a

pee[3]. A good penis exercise system uses these same muscles and might help you reduce this problem.

Before You Exercise

Exercising your penis is much like hitting the gym. You’re trying to progressively overload your muscle to encourage tiny micro-tears, then rest, and give your penis time to heal.

Just like you would stretch, safely overload and then give your muscles time to rest, you’re doing the same here. Before you exercise your penis, you should

  • Only Exercise Your Penis While You’re Flaccid (Not Erect)
  • Stop The Exercises If They Cause Pain Or Discomfort
  • Sit Or Stand Against A Wall Or Table While You Do the Exercises
  • Generally Do The Exercises No More Than Twice a Day
  • Speak With Your Doctor If You Want to Do Them More Often

Sound good? Then let’s review a few specific penis exercises that can get you off and running into the strange and mysterious world of penis exercises and the benefits they can bring.

The Jelq

The Jelq may be the most famous of all penis exercises. To do a Jelq, try this: form an ‘O’ with your thumb and index finger. Place the O at the base of your penis. Gradually make the O bigger until you feel light pressure on your shaft.

Now, slowly move this O formation up your shaft until you reach the tip of your penis – and lighten the pressure if it feels painful.

Congratulations. Now you know how to Jelq. Try this once a day for 20 to 30 minutes at a time.

Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises are exercises that target your pelvic floor. They target muscles at the bottom of your pelvis, and in particular, your pubococcygeus, or ‘PC’ muscle, which loops from your public bone to tailbone and supports your pelvic muscles.

Hence why we say Kegels exercise your pelvic floor.

Kegels are a great penis exercise if you have erection problems. To do Kegels, lie down with your knees bent, feet flat on the floor and with your arms by your sides. Exhale, then squeeze your pelvic floor muscles and count to three.

Your pelvic floor muscles are the same muscles you would use to stop urine flow mid-stream.

Now, inhale and release for three seconds.

Note that you can also do Kegels while sitting and even standing. To do sitting Kegels, sit with your arms at your sides and your feet flat on the floor. Then, with the same technique you would use for lying down, activate your pelvic floor muscles for three seconds, then exhale and release for three seconds.

You can even do Kegels while you’re standing. For this, stand up straight with your arms to your side and feet flat on the floor about your hip-width apart. Do the same technique – activate your pelvic flor muscles and count to three, then release for three seconds after. Be sure that your butt, stomach and legs don’t contract while you do this.

Why You Might Want to Try a Penis Exercise System

Of course, you know by now that you can easily damage your penis, and in a worst case scenario, you may never get hard again. Granted, that’s a worse case scenario. Jelqing and Kegels are generally safe and have a variety of health benefits that may give you a bigger erection, better erection quality and even fewer urination troubles as you get older.

Still, you might get more inches and better results with penis exercises through a penis exercise system.  There are several reasons for this: one penis exercise alone may not have a large impact on your size or appearance. It may be safer to do penis exercises in a system too, assuming they’re designed and overseen by a urologist.

Also a good penis exercise system can provide online and interactive instructions, to help walk you through each step and log your progress.

In short, you might want to consider a penis exercise system because, done right, it’s your guide, mentor and colleague along your journey. Because that’s exactly what this is – it’s your transition to a bigger penis and a better and more rewarding sex life. Yes, you really can have it all, if you do it right.

You’re About to Enter the World of Male Enhancement

Here’s where the water can get a little murky.  Assuming you know nothing about the industry, when you look for a penis exercise system you’ll enter the often unscrupulous and full-of-scams world of male enhancement.

If you’re unfamiliar with it, ‘male enhancement’ is a broad term that means any supplement, pill, product or service that purports to help increase function and/or size of the male anatomy – and you can how some folks use that for nefarious reasons.

Our point? There are indeed penis exercise systems that work. But you’ll need to sift through many potential scams to find one that does.

Penis Exercise Systems: Our Criteria

OK, we’ve established that some penis exercises can actually make your penis bigger through traction. We’ve also covered that penis exercises have other benefits, like better erection quality, a straighter appearance, stronger sex drive and even fewer urination problems.

And you also know that when done incorrectly, a penis exercise can do things that belong in some of the scariest horror films – and you don’t want to go there.

So what are we looking for in a penis exercise system? Well, this:

Safety – A penis exercise system should be safe. That’s arguably the most important criteria. We measure ‘safety’ by the exercises it uses, along with rest time and the availability of a support team if you have any questions.

Safety first. Pretty simple.

Designed By Urologist or Qualified Enlargement Expert – Who designed the product? This is very important. You want a penis exercise system with a visible figure behind it.

Customer Testimonials – Customer testimonials are a good thing in the strange and oddly addictive world of penis exercises. It means there are plenty of happy dudes who are living their inner-most bedroom dreams because of the product – and ideally, you will as well.

Efficacy – There’s no point using a penis exercise system if it doesn’t work. Does the system deliver noticeable results? Are guys generally happy after using the system?

Instruction – A penis exercise system should walk you through each exercise and explain how to do it properly.

Variety – It should also offer enough variety among its exercises to keep your body guessing and your mind stimulated.

60 Day Guarantee – This is also very important – especially when you consider the male enhancement industry wears a few scars. If you’re not happy with a penis exercise system, you should be able to get your money back at any point within the first two months.

With all this clarified, what is the best penis exercise system, and is it worth your money?

PE Method: Our Pick For the Best Penis Exercise System

If you want a safe and effective penis exercise system – one that’s going to give you a noticeably bigger penis and better overall sexual wellness, PEMethod is going to be the way to go.

Why PE Method? We’ve looked at a lot of penis exercise systems. PE Method brings it, there is just no other way to describe the potential of this program. Safe, discreet, varied, and designed by AJ ‘Big Al’ Alfaro, PE Method rises above other systems and, yup, it’s the exercise program that really can give you a bigger penis.

Here’s what we like about PE Method:

Designed By AJ Alfaro

‘Big Al’ is one of the best-known dudes in the business. Wanna know why? He brings results. Alfaro has a bodybuilding background and was one of the first to develop a penis exercise system based on the ‘progressive overload’ .

Just like you would overload your muscles in the gym, that’s also how a good penis exercise system can give you a bigger penis. But this is your penis, and there is a fine line between ‘overload’ and dangerous when it comes to your Johnson.

AJ Alfaro clearly gets that. He invented the model. And if you’re looking for a safe and efficient penis enlargement system, the name AL Alfaro goes a long way – literally.


By now we have established that you don’t take chances with your penis, even when the payoff is a bigger manhood. Safety is arguably your most important criteria when looking for a penis exercise system, and it’s one of the reasons PE Method is the best.

We like the exercises used in its program. We like how it walks you through each step and recommends when to push yourself – and when to take it easy.

As we’ve already mentioned, the fact that it’s designed by AJ Alfaro is important. He has a good reputation, and in our experience, is more interested in the well-being of his customers than he is of his bank account.


There is no point trying a penis exercise system if it doesn’t work. PE Method claims it can add up to two inches in length and an inch in girth in just 91 days. OK, we get it, that’s marketing hype. But this is a well thought-out program. It’s an extensive system that breaks down exactly what to do, how long to do it and with a variety of exercises so your body doesn’t ‘get used’ to what’s going on.

These are the building blocks of a penis exercise system that can help bring what you want: better sex drive, a ‘straight’ appearance and, yup, we’ll say it – a bigger penis as well.


You can pay a lot for so-called penis enlargement. And given the quality of the PE Method system, we would gladly pay in the $500 range.

You can have a lifetime membership to PE Method for just $97 at the time of this writing, although that may change in the future.

67 Day Money-Back Guarantee

PE Method comes with a no-hassle 67 day guarantee. That gives you two full months to try the system, see results and get your money back if it doesn’t deliver.

That’s plenty of time to see results. We think it’s realistic to see an inch of gains in that time.

Conclusion: Penis Exercises May Help Size and Performance

To summarize, if you really want to try penis exercises, have better sexual wellness and, yup, even a bigger penis, it’s important to do it right. You’re looking for a series of safe exercises that are well-explained, that use the principle of ‘progressive overload’ and allow for plenty of rest time.

Remember not to take chances with your penis. Do this right. Our suggestion? Try PEMethod. You can learn more at

FAQs About Penis Exercises

Still have questions about penis exercises? Here’s an abbreviated version of what you’re after.

How Do I Make My Penis Bigger?

Assuming you don’t want to go through penis enlargement surgery, there are two ways you can make  your penis bigger: with a penis extending device, like ProExtender Deluxe, or with a penis exercise system. Both use traction over time to encourage growth of new cells within your penile tissue.

Traction has shown in clinical research to extend penis length.

What Else Can A Penis Exercise Do?

Penis exercises should help with better urine flow, increase your sex drive, ‘straighten’ curvature of the penis and boost your confidence. When your penis looks bigger and has a more pleasing experience, you feel like a champ.

Are Penis Exercises Safe?

We won’t dress this up. Your penis is made of a series of tissues, ligaments and veins that can be easily bruised or damaged. In some cases, you can permanently damage your penis and never get hard again.

Granted, that’s the scary answer, and given the benefits of safe penis exercises, you may still want to try them. But it’s important to exercise your flaccid penis only. You’ll also need to give your penis plenty of rest time.

If you’re going to try penis exercises, we recommend you do it in a penis exercise system with plenty of instruction, uses both safe and effective exercises and walks you through all the steps with easy-to-follow instructions. A good penis exercise system walks a fine line between progressively overloading your penis with ample rest time.

Should I Do Penis Exercise On Their Own Or As Part of a System?

That’s up to you. Assuming you know and accept the risks of doing penis exercises without proper instruction (which can include bruising, itching, red spots, discoloration and vein rupture), jelqing and kegels are two easy and beneficial penis exercises that you might consider.

If you do penis exercises as part of a penis exercise system, you’ll have instruction. You should also have an interactive journal to monitor your progress – and you should have support if and when you have any question.

Can Jelqing Make My Penis Bigger?

On its own, it’s doubtful that jelquing will make your penis bigger.

Aren’t Penis Exercise Systems a Scam?

Penis exercise systems are a form of male enhancement – an industry that has some scams you’ll want to avoid.

This doesn’t mean that all male enhancement products or penis exercise systems are bad or dangerous. It simply means you have a right to be sceptical of big promises and prices that seem too good to be true.

We’ve given you some criteria to search for when you look for a good penis exercise system. Those criteria include customer testimonials, safety, efficacy, plenty of rest time and preferably one designed by a urologist.

Obviously, you are not going to know how ‘safe’ or effective a penis exercise system is until you buy it and try it for yourself. This leads us to another very important criteria for finding a good penis exercise system: you want a money-back guarantee of at least 60 days.

What is the Best Penis Exercise System?

Having seen a lot of products in male enlargement over the years, we like PE Method the best.




Comparing VigRX Max Volume & Semenax – Two Top Semen Enhancers

Cumming makes the world go ‘round. If you don’t believe me, you might be doing something wrong.

The amount of sexual pleasure I’ve received from various semen enhancers is unmatched. Semen enhancers can increase your cum load, but they also can do so much more than that.

VigRX Max Volume and Semenax are two of my favorite semen-enhancing male supplements for several reasons. While they both can dramatically improve semen quality and quantity, they each still bring unique aspects to the table.

VigRX Max Volume is my go-to for increasing sexual pleasure, while Semenax is my faithful ally for reaching more intense orgasms.

Trust me when I say that you want to be on this bandwagon. Let’s dive into semen-enhancing supplements, VigRX Max Volume and Semenax, to discover the best option for all your sexual desires.

Do You Crave Massive Cum Loads?

I don’t believe that semen enhancers are getting all the hype they deserve. After all, who doesn’t want to cum like a pornstar and absolutely cover their girl with their satisfaction?

Speaking from experience, there is nothing more rewarding than the visual of my own juices covering my partner.

That being said, not as many men are discussing semen enhancers. But I’m here to break that cycle.

Cum Like A Pornstar With A Semen Enhancer

The primary goal of a semen-enhancing male sexual supplement is to increase cum volume for a more satisfying experience.

More cum could possibly indicate healthy testosterone levels, more sexual satisfaction, longer orgasms, and so much more. But the best thing about more cum is the mental and physical satisfaction of cumming buckets with each orgasm.

Once you go down this path, you won’t want to go back.

Benefits Of A Good Semen Enhancer

Maximizing semen volume for a better overall sexual experience is not the only thing you can receive from consistently using a semen-enhancing supplement.

Here are some other benefits to expect:

  • More Erection Control
  • Longer Orgasms
  • Intensified Orgasms
  • Increased Sexual Pleasure
  • Healthier Sperm
  • Improved Self-Confidence

These are some of the most common benefits you may be able to experience with a good semen enhancer, but there are even more.

The best thing to do is choose a semen-enhancing supplement and see for yourself! You, too, can join the cum-dumpster club.

Men Who Can Benefit From One Of These Semen Enhancers

Both VigRX Max Volume and Semenax aim to increase semen output while providing some other unique advantages. Who can benefit the most from one of these top semen-enhancing supplements?

1.   Men With Small Loads

It may seem obvious to some, but it is worth emphasizing that men with small cum loads can benefit the most from one of these male enhancement supplements.

If you are often disappointed with the tiny climax followed by an embarrassing volume of cum, then continue reading. VigRX Max Volume and Semenax are both excellent options that will leave you and your partner gasping for more.

2.   Men With Low Sexual Confidence

Every man wants to be a sex god, but not all of us have what it takes. Fortunately, we now have options to provide a little extra boost and kick in the butt for hard times. VigRX Max Volume and Semenax provide that kick, allowing self-confidence to skyrocket over time.

3.   Men With Big Dreams

Regardless of your current skills and satisfaction levels, you might want to be even better. VigRX Max Volume and Semenax allow you to make your sexual prowess more well-rounded and satisfactory than ever. These supplements are created for men that want to be on track to becoming a sex god.

Of course, most men can benefit from either VigRX Max Volume or Semenax. It comes down to wanting a change, better sexual experiences, and taking the next step to achieve results.

VigRX Max Volume & Semenax—Top Two Semen Enhancers

Even though VigRX Max Volume and Semenax both promise massive cum-dumpster loads, they are some slight differences between the two top semen enhancers.

If you genuinely want to step up your game, starting with your cum quality, you should recognize the variance between these two semen enhancers.

Both offer immense pleasure and intense orgasms, but some minor distinctions might make one a better option than the other.

VigRX Max Volume—Best For Enhanced Sexual Pleasure

First, we turn to VigRX Max Volume for enhanced sexual pleasure on the whole. If you are looking for more cum alongside unforgettable sex, then VigRX Max Volume is your best choice here.

What Is VigRX Max Volume?

VigRX Max Volume is an all-natural semen-enhancing supplement that offers a plethora of benefits alongside the ability to cum buckets. You may have come here for cum quantity tips, but you are getting much more.

  • Drastic Increase In Semen Volume
  • Enhanced Sexual Pleasure
  • Stronger Orgasms
  • More Sexual Control

The above list is just some of what you can look forward to with VigRX Max Volume. These advantages are one of the many reasons why VigRX Max Volume consistently ranks so highly amongst male enhancement supplements.

VigRX Max Volume Ingredients

There are four critical ingredients in VigRX Max Volume. Each component has been well-researched and contributes immensely to our end goal—better sex and more cum.

Here is a list of each ingredient in the simple yet effective VigRX Max Volume formula.

  • Sunflower Lecithin
  • L-Arginine HCL
  • Zinc
  • AstraGin

Sunflower Lecithin, L-Arginine HCL, and Zinc positively alter sexual pleasure and semen volume. AstraGin is included to increase bioavailability.

AstraGin is a U.S.-patented ingredient derived from black pepper extract. Studies show that AstraGin can significantly increase the absorption of amino acids and peptides, making the formula even more effective.1

Why Is VigRX Max Volume The Best For Sexual Pleasure

VigRX Max Volume relies on four simple ingredients. These natural ingredients largely focus on semen volume and ejaculation quantity. The fact that VigRX Max Volume focuses on semen quantity means you are bound to experience a more robust sexual experience from start to finish.

The combination of L-Arginine HCL and Sunflower Lecithin is a mind-blowing partnership. Sunflower Lecithin increases semen volume, orgasm intensity, and dopamine release. All the while, L-Arginine HCL opens the airflow for harder erections and more blood flow to the penis.

You can see how Sunflower Lecithin and L-Arginine HCL can work so well together to give you a better overall sexual experience.

Clinical Trials In Support Of VigRX Max Volume

VigRX Max Volume targets reproductive health, semen volume, and dopamine levels. The dopamine aspect is vital in the discussion of increased sexual pleasure.

Sexual intercourse and orgasms release a wave of dopamine, making you feel happier and more satisfied throughout the sexual act.

Sunflower Lecithin contains a significant amount of Omega-3 fatty acids and has been linked to increased dopamine levels.2

That means that sex will be much more pleasurable with enhanced sexual sensations with the inclusion of VigRX Max Volume into your daily routine.

Benefits Of VigRX Max Volume

VigRX Max Volume has all the obvious benefits of increased semen volume, a healthier reproductive system, and an improved overall sexual experience. However, some additional benefits are worth noting with this specific supplement.

1.    Money-Back Guarantee

I love products with a money-back guarantee, enabling me to take it out on a test drive before committing 100%. VigRX Max Volume comes with an unbeatable 67-day money-back guarantee. The risk-free warranty allows you to try our VigRX Max Volume before making a conclusive decision.

2.    Fast-Acting Formula

VigRX Max Volume kicks in with a relatively short wait period. On average, it takes about two weeks for the full effects of this powerful formula. Considering most supplements take two or three months, this is an excellent option for those in a rush. Fortunately, you don’t have to wait too long for the sex of your dreams.

3.    No Reported Adverse Side Effects

Of course, everyone’s body reacts differently to different ingredients. However, VigRX Max Volume has had no reported adverse side effects. That is because VigRX Max Volume uses only four all-natural ingredients. Many ingredients, like Zinc, are found in your natural diet.

4.    Well-Known VigRX Brand

The VigRX brand has earned a positive reputation for itself within the male supplement community. They provide high-quality products, targeting the many needs of men in the bedroom.

VigRX comes from a reputable manufacturer that uses only cGMP-certified facilities within the United States. High-quality output is guaranteed.

These are only four advantages associated with VigRX Max Volume to prove a point. That point is that while VigRX Max Volume delivers on the cum-dumpster front, it also brings even more to the table.

Where To Buy VigRX Max Volume

If you’ve decided that increased semen volume with enhanced sexual pleasure is the right route to take, you can head to the VigRX Max Volume website to place your order.

They offer several packages available for purchase, all of which are covered by a generous money-back guarantee.

Semenax—Best For Orgasm Intensity

Semenax is the second semen-enhancing supplement up for discussion. Semenax also targets your semen healthy, cum output, and overall sexual health. However, Semenax has a more intensive formula focusing slightly more on orgasm intensity.

What Is Semenax?

Semenax is another all-natural male enhancement supplement. It may be easy to mix up the benefits of Semenax and VigRX Max Volume as they both market towards increased cum loads.

Both supplements do effectively and massively increase your cum production, but Semenax does stand out for several reasons.

One of those reasons is the particular emphasis on orgasm intensity. Semenax has a long ingredient list that focuses not only on your cum, but also on making each orgasm better than the last.

I don’t know about you, but I am here for intense orgasms! If you are, too, it doesn’t get better than Semenax.

Semenax Ingredients

There are eighteen ingredients in Semenax. This is a much more comprehensive list compared to VigRX Max Volume.

While VigRX Max Volume focuses on efficiency and streamlining production, Semenax focuses on grand results and flexibility.

Here are the eighteen ingredients you will be working alongside if you decide to go with Semenax:

  • Swedish Flower Pollen
  • L-Arginine HCL
  • L-Lysine
  • Epimedium Sagittatum
  • Zinc Oxide
  • Zinc Aspartate
  • L-Carnitine
  • Catuaba Bark
  • Pumpkin Seed
  • Maca
  • Vitamin E
  • Pine Bark Extract
  • Muira Puama
  • Hawthorne
  • Cranberry Extract
  • Sarsaparilla
  • Avena Sativa Extract
  • Butea Superba

Swedish Flower Pollen, L-Arginine HCL, L-Carnitine, Zinc, and Pumpkin Seed are the main ingredients that specifically target cum health. Other ingredients narrow down the effectivity on testosterone levels. While even more ingredients focus on enhancing your sexual desire with aphrodisiac effects.

Semenax comes with a relatively well-rounded formula that clearly knows what a man needs and tries to deliver. Reading through the formula list may be overwhelming, but trust me, each ingredient is crucial to better sexual escapades.

Why Is Semenax The Best For Orgasm Intensity

Semenax does many things, including massively increasing cum loads and balancing testosterone levels. So, why do I recommend it for orgasm intensity?

Semenax takes a very well-rounded approach to ensure good sexual health, which in turn leads to unforgettable, intense, and mind-blowing orgasms.

For example, several ingredients in Semenax balance testosterone. More testosterone for men means more frequent and fulfilling sex. Semenax also includes ingredients that can dramatically increase nitric oxide production. Higher levels of nitric oxide results in harder, bigger, and better erections.

Combine more testosterone, harder erections, and a higher sex drive with massive cum-dumpster loads; you’ll get the most intense orgasm ever.

Clinical Trials In Support Of Semenax

Each ingredient in Semenax has been carefully and thoroughly researched, so there is no shortage of information available.

For example, one clinical trial on L-Lysine was recently conducted. The study concluded that L-Lysine could improve sperm motility, normality, and total sperm number.3 Another study showed similar findings for the Semenax ingredient, L-Carnitine. The study found that L-Carnitine can greatly improve sperm health and motility in men.4

Another clinical trial on Maca, published in the BMC Complementary And Alternative Medicine, found that the root can also increase sexual function and improve performance.5

I’m not going to spend all day discussing all the clinical trials on behalf of Semenax, as there are quite a lot.

The moral of the story is that Semenax is a clinically-proven formula that can not only give you pornstar cum loads but can also massively increase orgasm intensity.

Benefits Of Semenax

Other than the plethora of health benefits associated with Semenax, there are some other notable characteristics of this brand. These traits make Semenax stand out above most of the other male enhancement supplements on the market.

1.    Money-Back Guarantee

Similar to VigRX Max Volume, Semenax has a 67-day money-back guarantee. The risk-free warranty allows you to try out Semenax without any worry about a lack of results.

2.    Well-Rounded Formula With Precide Dosage

As previously mentioned, Semenax has an extensive formula list. Each of the eighteen ingredients plays a major role in the final outcome of better semen production and more satisfying orgasms.

Not only are the ingredients guaranteed and well-researched, but Semenax uses a clinically-proven dosage. That means you get the perfect amounts of each ingredient to realize the full benefits.

3.    No Reported Adverse Effects

Semenax also uses an organic formula. Semenax ingredients are all-natural herbal remedies used for centuries in ancient sexual medicine. Because of this, the chance of negative reactions is significantly reduced.

4.    Positive Customer Reviews

Semenax is a top-rated product amongst men looking to turn their sex lives for the better. There are hundreds of online reviews from real customers that can vouch for the effectiveness of Semenax as a daily male enhancement supplement.

The above list is only a few of the most memorable aspects experienced with Semenax. It is easy to conclude that Semenax is a very loved, effective, and possibly even life-changing option for men seeking better sex and cum-dumpster loads.

Where To Buy Semenax

If the versatility and reliability of Semenax have swayed you, you can head over to the official website to make your purchase.

Semenax also offers generous package options, allowing you access to discounts when purchasing in bulk.

How To Choose Between VigRX Max Volume & Semenax

There is no easy way to choose between VigRX Max Volume and Semenax. They are both incredibly reliable, stable, and effective options to meet all your cum-related needs.

VigRX Max Volume is more likely to improve your sexual satisfaction from start to finish, while Semenax will leave you with ground-shaking orgasms.

The choice is truly yours to make from here.

Final Thoughts On VigRX Max Volume Vs. Semenax

VigRX Max Volume and Semenax are two semen-enhancing supplements. The primary function is to give you massive cum loads for maximum sexual satisfaction. But they each have much more to offer.

While there are a lot of similarities between the two, it’s impossible to pick my favorite. VigRX Max Volume is the top choice for improved sexual satisfaction, and Semenax is my number one pick for intense orgasms.

Both supplements bring a lot to the table; a lot of cum, and a lot of sexual fulfillment. And therefore, they bring a lot of happiness.



Semenax Vs Semenoll—Which Is Better?

When was the last time you had fantastic sex?

I’m talking about the kind of sex where months or even years later, you still get hard as a rock just thinking about it. Chances are, if you’ve had sex like that, you probably finished by cumming like a BEAST.

That’s the kind of sex I’ve spent most of my life chasing. I’m always looking for that next great sexual experience hoping to find the holy grail of cum. Some might even say I’m “chasing the cum dragon,” but it sure as hell keeps me going.

That’s why I’m here today to compare two semen volume enhancers, Semenax Vs Semenoll. I’ll give you the lowdown on both so you can decide if either product could help you achieve your own personal holy grail of cum.

Do You Want To Shoot Gargantuan Loads Every Time?

Over the years, I’ve tried all sorts of tricks to fire bigger loads because when that time for release came, it could be a god-like experience.

Have you ever seen a geyser erupt?

It looked just like that, but instead of water shooting into the air, it was my thick, voluminous baby batter moving a thousand miles an hour toward my partner’s chest.

But I’ve got to admit some of the things I did to build up those massive loads were downright crazy. I’d regularly eat nothing but nutrient-rich vegetables and protein-packed meat while hitting the gym every day for months.

One time, I even went 50 days without cumming, just to see how big of a load my balls could brew. That almost broke me, and I’d NEVER EVER try that again. However, the orgasm I achieved had me feeling like I’d reached another dimension of pleasure.

Luckily, I’ve learned it doesn’t have to be that difficult.

A High-Quality Semen Volume Enhancer Can Help

Semen volume enhancers are dietary supplements designed to optimize your orgasms. So that you can cum big and cum hard every time, without the crazy diet or torture of “no nut” November.

The best semen volume enhancers can:

  • Maximize Semen Volume
  • Increase Ejaculation Force
  • Enhance Sexual Pleasure
  • Promote Better Sexual Health

Top-notch semen volume enhancers focus on increasing the size of your load and the force with which you cum. They may also have added benefits like promoting stronger erections or increasing orgasm control.

What Makes A High-Quality Semen Volume Enhancer?

The supplement world has plenty of pretenders and ineffective formulas. It can be challenging to separate the winners from the losers. But we’re here to help you.

There are several attributes to look at when considering whether or not to try a semen volume enhancer.

The best semen volume enhancers should:

  • Be Made With All-Natural Ingredients
  • Show A Transparent List Of Ingredients
  • Offer A Money-Back Guarantee
  • Have Clinical Backing

Elite volume enhancers, or semen volumizers, will meet all or at least most of these standards. If they don’t, it’s likely not a great product.

We’ll show you how Semenax and Semenoll measure up to these specifications.

Is A Semen Volume Enhancer Right For You?

On a scale of 1-10, how important is regularly having the best orgasms possible to you?

If you answered a 5 or above, then I’d say it’s likely that a semen volume enhancer could improve your sex life and enrich your overall life.

To be honest with you, I wish I’d heard of semen volume enhancers way earlier. I never knew they were a viable option for me. As it turns out, an excellent semen volume enhancer is likely the easiest, most efficient way to maximize the size and force of your orgasm.

Semen volumizers can help guys:

  • Suffering From Weakened Orgasms
  • Dealing With Reduced Ejaculate Volume
  • Getting Reduced Pleasure From Sex
  • Just Wanting To Have Better Sex

If your sex life or sexual climaxes aren’t what they once were, or if you are just looking to get the most out of your finishes, a semen volume-enhancing formula could help you.

Semenax Vs Semenoll

So, what do we think of these two semen volume enhancers?

We’ll tell you everything you need to know about these supplements and let you know how they compare to one another. That way, you can make the best decision to maximize your cum volume and sexual pleasure.

Are you ready?

Let’s go.


Semenoll is manufactured by Wolfson Brands, a company based in the United Kingdom. They make several male health supplements.

The makers of Semenoll call this supplement a “fertility supplement” because its main focus is to increase sperm count and aid men interested in conceiving.

What Does It Do?

Semenoll claims to take a 3 step approach to improve male sexual health.

Like this:

  1. Increase Sperm Quality & Volume
  2. Enhance Sperm Motility (Movement of Sperm)
  3. Boost Libido

Semenoll is designed to increase your chances of impregnating your partner.

The idea is that the natural formula promotes sperm production and motility. Meaning your semen will be healthier and more capable of conception. As a secondary benefit, you’ll have more voluminous cum loads and more forceful orgasms due to increased sperm count.


Semenoll consists of 7 all-natural ingredients. Many show scientific evidence for increasing sperm count and semen volume.

Let’s highlight the benefits of each ingredient in Semenoll.

  1. L-Lysine—This essential amino acid has many health benefits, but the body doesn’t produce it. We must consume it through diet. Evidence suggests amino acids like L-lysine can increase sperm count.
  1. Zinc—This trace mineral is necessary to perform over 100 vital chemical reactions in the human body. It’s also a building block for semen and is most highly concentrated in the testicles.
  1. L-Arginine—An amino acid that helps your body build proteins, L-arginine is common in many great health supplements. It comes in several forms, some more easily absorbed by humans.
  1. Pumpkin Seed Extract—Believe it or not, pumpkin seeds have several beneficial properties for cum. A 2014 study on animals found that pumpkin seed supplementation can increase male fertility.1
  1. Tribulus Terrestris Extract—A small flowering plant, Tribulus terrestris has shown effectiveness in improving testosterone levels in men.
  1. Maca Root Extract—This plant is indigenous to the Andes Mountains of Peru. The people there use it to treat male sexual dysfunction. Studies have shown it can enhance semen volume.
  1. Muira Puama Extract—A plant that grows in the Amazon Rainforest, where it’s used as an aphrodisiac, Muira Puama has several sexual health benefits for men.

The ingredient list for Semenoll is pretty solid. It has several all-natural components that can increase sperm health and semen volume.

Yet, with just 7 total ingredients, the formula does lack the diversity of many other semen volume enhancers. With fewer ingredients, you’re likely to get a less dynamic supplement which may not bode well for you having bigger orgasms and more pleasurable sex long-term. 

Does Semenoll Have A Clinical Trial?

No, Semenoll hasn’t been subjected to a clinical trial.

Many of the ingredients in Semenoll have gone into the lab to be tested by professionals. However, no clinical testing has been done on the supplement itself.

Not many semen volume enhancers have been put to a serious clinical trial. So, this isn’t wildly uncommon, but it’s also not encouraging for efficacy.

Is There A Money Back Guarantee?

Yes, Semenoll comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

This money-back guarantee is good. In fact, it’s better than many of its competitors, but it’s not elite.

If you’re unhappy with your product, you can return it and get a refund even if you’ve already opened the bottle and used the powder.

Advantages Of Semenoll

Semenoll does have some nice advantages. Let’s take a quick look at them here.

  1. Good Money-Back Guarantee
  2. Solid Ingredient List (Lacking Some Dynamic Ingredients)
  3. Can Increase Sperm Count
  4. Could Enhance Semen Volume
  5. May Boost Libido

Semenoll is a pretty good product. It’s especially good for men who may be unable to conceive a child.

Is It Elite For Semen Volume?

No, Semenoll isn’t elite for semen volume.

It’s an okay supplement, but it’s more geared toward guys dealing with fertility issues. It may not actually give you consistently larger cum loads or better finishes.

If it’s thicker, more massive cum shots, and more pleasurable orgasms you’re after, then Semenoll isn’t elite—there are much better products for enhancing semen volume.


Semenax is manufactured by Leading Edge Health, a trusted source for many high-end health supplements in the United States of America.

The Semenax team designed this formula to boost semen volume and orgasm intensity naturally.

What Does It Do?

Semenax uses a holistic approach to nourish the cells, glands, and organs vital to producing the components of semen.

The all-natural ingredients in Semenax work symbiotically to produce more:

  • Seminal Vesicle Fluid (70% Of Your Load)
  • Prostate Gland Fluid (25% Of Your Load)
  • Seminal Plasma (For Motility)
  • Bulbourethral Gland Fluid (For Thickness)

By increasing the production of these fluids, critical to semen volume, the idea is that you’ll have thicker loads that you’ll shoot like a cannon.

Semenax is designed to give you:

  • Increased Semen Volume
  • More Ejaculation Force
  • Longer Orgasm Length
  • Better Orgasm Control
  • Enhanced Sexual Pleasure

Semenax is a true semen volume enhancer.

It’s made to give your larger loads expelled with more force leading to more pleasure. Plain and simple.

It could also increase libido or sex drive, which is correlated highly to semen volume levels.


Semenax has a special formula consisting of 18 all-natural amino, vitamins, and plant extracts. The majority of these have shown semen volumizing abilities in clinical studies.

Let’s zoom in on them.

  1. Butea Superba—A vine that grows in Asia, Butea Superba, has a long history of use as a sexual health supplement. A clinical study showed it could significantly improve penile health in men.2
  1. Avena Sativa—This extract from wild oat straw has many health benefits for men. It’s known to increase testosterone levels aiding in increased semen volume.
  1. Sasparilla—A vine that grows in Central America, sasparilla can increase libido in men.
  1. Swedish Pollen Flower—This plant is highly beneficial for prostate health. A 2017 study determined that Swedish pollen flower could increase semen quality and volume.3
  1. L-Arginine HCL—This amino acid exists in many elite health supplements. And HCL (the salt form) is the most easily absorbed in the human body.
  1. L-Lysine—Another amino acid found in many excellent health supplements, L-lysine can actually improve the efficiency of several forms of zinc to enhance semen quality further.
  1. Epimedium Sagittatum—Also called “horny goat weed,” this plant increases libido and testosterone level in males.
  1. Zinc Oxide—Zinc is a building block for semen. Studies show zinc oxide can increase semen parameters when optimally dosed.
  1. Zinc Aspartate—Another potent form of zinc has been shown to protect your semen from oxidative stress.4
  1. L-Carnitine—An amino acid highly concentrated in sperm, L-carnitine improves sperm motility, according to a study.5
  1. Catuaba Bark—A traditional Brazilian aphrodisiac, Catuaba bark acts as a stimulant to the central nervous system.
  1. Pumpkin Seed—These delicious seeds are loaded with even more zinc, which contributes heavily to semen volume.
  1. Maca—This high-mountain plant is commonly used to improve male sexual health. A clinical study showed it could increase sexual desire in men.6
  1. Vitamin E—A powerful antioxidant, evidence suggests Vitamin E could promote prostate health, an organ vital to semen production.
  1. Pine Bark Extract—Bark from some pine trees is loaded with plant flavonoids, which contribute to the health of many organs, including ones vital to making bigger cum loads.
  1. Muira Puama—This amazon plant is an aphrodisiac that exists in many supplements primarily because it’s a potent antioxidant and aphrodisiac.
  1. Hawthorne—Traditionally used in many cultures to improve male sexual health, Hawthorne is a powerful antioxidant loaded with flavonoids.
  1. Cranberry—Indigenous Americans used this berry as an aphrodisiac. It’s now used to improve urinary tract health. Evidence suggests it can enhance male sexual health.

With 18 potent ingredients, the Semenax formula is powerful and dynamic.

This semen volumizer really has all of the bases covered from a nutrient perspective.

This is one of, if not the most, impressive list of ingredients we’ve seen in a semen volume enhancer. The way that these ingredients blend should have you cumming like a firehouse in no time.

Does Semenax Have A Clinical Trial?

Yes, the makers of Semenax put this supplement into a clinical trial.

The study consisted of over 60 men, half receiving Semenax daily while the rest got a placebo for 2 months.7

The results were breathtaking or hard-on producing, depending on who you ask.

Men receiving Semenax showed:

  • 20% (Or More For Some) Increase In Semen Volume
  • Reported Stronger Orgasms
  • No Negative Side Effects

This clinical trial is a HUGE checkmark in favor of Semenax.

Truth be told, we don’t know another semen volume enhancer that has shown such great effectiveness in a clinical setting.

Is There A Money-Back Guarantee

Yes, Semenax has a 67-day money-back guarantee.

If you try it and don’t get results, you can return your empty or used bottles for a refund. It’s 100% risk-free.

This money-back guarantee is good relative to the market.

Advantages Of Semenax

Semenax is loaded with advantages. Let’s check them here.

  1. Clinical Trial Backs Efficacy
  2. Extensive, Dynamic Ingredient List
  3. Good Money-Back Guarantee
  4. Increases Semen Volume
  5. Enhances Ejaculation Force (Better Orgasm)

These advantages put Semenax in an extremely favorable light. They’re kind of getting me a little excited, if you know what I mean. It’s like putting a steak before a ravenous animal … but I digress.

Is It Elite For Semen Volume?


Semenax is an elite semen volume enhancer.

The ingredient list is well-researched, designed, and formulated. All 18 ingredients work together to maximize your sexual climaxes.

The clinical trial that backs up Semenax puts it in a class of its own.

Seriously, for guys looking to cum hard and feel the ultimate sexual pleasure, you really can’t do better than Semenax.

Where Can I Buy Semenax?

The best place to get Semenax (or any other product I recommend) is through the official website. That’s because you’ll be able to get a quality product without the 3rd-party markup. It’s also the best place to get bulk discounts and ensure you take advantage of the money-back guarantee.

Semenax Or Semenoll?

If you’ve made it here, you likely have your answer.

Semenax is head and shoulder above Semenoll for producing larger, more voluminous, highly-pleasurable orgasms.

In hindsight, this was never really a fair fight.

Semenax is arguably the best semen volume enhancer available, and Semenoll is a decent product designed to help guys with low sperm counts and maybe lead to better sex.

And you know what?

You should be shooting massive loads all the time if that’s what you want. Because you deserve happiness, and who cares what anybody else says?

Although, when your sexual partners see your strapping loads, they might have a lot of things to say, like, “take me to the bedroom, please, take me.”

Now get out there and find your holy grail of cum.