About Richard Cummins

Hi. My name is Richard Cummins. You can call me Dick for short. Now, obviously, Dick Cummins isn’t my real name. Why use that name then? Because I’m sure AF not using my real name on a website obsessing about having massive cumshots. I’ve got a church-going mother for fuck’s sake.

So, let’s just go with Dick Cummins, if that’s all well and good with you. While we’re doing introductions, there’s something you should probably know about me; I’m a sexoholic. Ok, maybe I haven’t been professionally diagnosed as a sexoholic. I’m pretty sure, though, that if I talked to a shrink about how often I think about sex, they’d probably label me as one.

Sex…it’s on my mind all of the time and it has been for as long as I can remember. Hell, I almost flunked out of college because of it. If I had spent as much time studying back then, as I did trying to get laid, it probably wouldn’t have taken me 5 years to graduate.

Now, here I am in my early 30s, with my sex drive still going strong. Luckily, I have a steady girlfriend who’s just as much of a horndog as I am. And, if you would have asked me last year how our sex life was, I would have responded, “Perfect. Fucking perfect”.

It wasn’t though. It was good, maybe even great, but it wasn’t perfect. And I had to find that out at the worst possible time; watching some pre-sex porn with the girlfriend.

At the end of this particular video we were watching, the guy pulled out to finish on his co-star. It looked like the fucking heavens opened up on her. Holy shit! Just when you thought he must be finished, he just kept cumming.

“Dude, that’s a lot of cum”, I heard my girlfriend say. Goddamn right, that was a lot of cum. How the fuck was that even possible. The most I can muster up is a couple of quick squirts and I’m finished. Sure it feels great…for like 2 seconds.

I wanted that minute-long orgasm, I wanted my knees buckling underneath me from the intensity, I wanted to see my girlfriend covered in my little swimmers, saying “Dude, that’s a lot of cum” to me. Not some dude in a porno.

I had to find out what was up with this guy. Is he just some freak who cums a lot, I wondered. Or did he poses some secret recipe to cumming buckets of baby-batter? I began my search for those answers that very day. For the next year, this quest would be my El Dorado, my Mody Dick, my Holy Grail…of Cum.