Best Semen Volume Booster for Cumming Buckets in 2022

Here we are once again. On the hunt for the best semen volume booster that’ll give us those porn-star-worthy cum shots. In my never-ending quest, I’ve come across quite a few of these boosters – some work and some just don’t.

It’s been a unique trial and error process, to say the least. To be fair, it’s been pretty fun experimenting with my girl but when it’s a bust – well, it’s a bust.

After countless hours of research (both in the bedroom and out), I’ve come up with 5 top picks. They all have different advantages so take a look at them all to see what’s best for you.

How to Choose Volume Boosters that Really Work

The cool thing about volume boosters is they’re typically all-natural and don’t require any prescription or embarrassing doctor visits. But there are a few things you gotta look out for before opting for something that’s basically nothing more than a sugar pill.

A quality booster should have:

  • Clinically-proven ingredients
  • Be all-natural with zero side effects
  • TONS of social proof (customer reviews, sales, etc)
  • A money-back guarantee

To learn more about how semen volume boosters work, check out my How to Cum More Holy Grail article[1].

But for now, let’s get right down to it. After all, we’re on a quest to find the best semen volume booster that’ll have you shooting out-of-this-world loads in no time.

#1: Semenax® – Best All-Around Semen Enhancer

Semenax® is a well-known semen enhancer that’s been around for decades. It’s trusted by millions of men worldwide so they’ve got to be doing something right! Users report bigger, more intense orgasms after just two weeks.

Benefits from Semenax® can include:

  • DOUBLE the Semen Volume
  • Improved Erection Quality
  • Better Orgasm Control
  • Porn-Worthy cumshots
  • Increased Sexual Satisfaction

After a ton of research, I actually chose Semenax® to be my introductory supplement into the semen volume-boosting world. And I gotta say, I was pretty impressed with Semenax® as a whole.

Why Did I Choose Semenax®?

To be honest, Semenax® checked off just about every box I was looking for in a semen booster. I knew almost right away that this would be my first endeavor on my ever-evolving quest. Why?

  • Clinically-Proven Formula – Not only does Semenax® contain only ingredients that have been proven both safe and effective, but everything inside is ideally dosed for boosting semen volume.
  • No prescription needed – Let’s be real. What guy wants to head into the doctor’s office and discuss his ejaculate – or lack thereof? Semenax® can be easily (and discretely) purchased from the comfort of your own home.
  • Happy Customers Galore –There’s no better tell if a product is going to work than repeat users. Semenax® has helped millions of men worldwide and yet, you’d be hard-pressed to find many bad reviews.
  • Designed for Long-Term Use – You don’t need to pop a pill before sex. Nothing kills a mood like waiting 30-90 minutes to get the action started. Just keep taking your daily dose of Semenax® and you’ll be ready to go, well, when you’re ready to go.
  • Made in the USA – This might not seem like such a big deal but it kinda is. You should always look for a supplement that’s made in the USA under strict FDA regulation to ensure both safety and efficacy.
  • Money-Back Guarantee – I was happy to find out that Semenax® comes with a 67-day trial period. The makers are so confident in their product that they’re willing to let you try it risk-free. So, why not right?

What Results Can You Expect with Semenax®?

If you’re expecting same-day results from Semenax®, you’re probably going to be a little disappointed. As with nearly all all-natural supplements, it can take time to build within your system.

Most Semenax® report seeing results in about 2-weeks. If you’re like me, you’ll notice better and better results over the course of 2-3 months.

Expect larger loads with some of the most intense orgasms of your life. Best yet? Keep taking Semenax® and keep seeing long-lasting results.

How Do You Take Semenax®?

The manufacturers recommend supplementation with 4 pills a day. You can break it up however you see fit. Personally, I opted for twice-daily supplementation – so 2 x pills at breakfast and 2 x pills in the afternoon.

The only thing I will suggest is taking them with a full glass of water and/or food to curb any potential stomach issues. For best results, you should also take Semenax® about the same time each day.

Semenax® – Safety & Side Effects

Another really cool thing about this all-natural formulation is that there aren’t any known consumer-reported side effects. Take it as recommended and you shouldn’t have any issues. In fact, the only side effects I had were happy ones.

Check with your doctor before use if you’re worried about any potential unwanted interactions with your current medications.

Is Semenax® Worth It?

I’d have to give Semenax® a resounding – YES! I was super happy with the results I got and it was the perfect choice for the start of my quest for the Holy Grail of Cum. Semenax® did exactly what it said it would do for me, and I think it’s a well-rounded formula offering guys that chance to naturally increase their loads.

Still not sure? Check out some of the pros and cons below and decide for yourself!


  • All-natural, clinically-proven formula
  • Ideally dosed for HUGE loads
  • Safe & effective without side effects
  • Enjoy the best sex of your life (I did!)
  • 100% money-back guarantee


  • Can be costly without bulk discounts
  • Stop taking it and results will diminish with time

If you just buy one bottle of Semenax® at a time, you’ll be spending about $2 a day. Up your order and you’ll get better and better savings – including free shipping within the USA.

Where to Get Semenax®

Semenax® can (and should) be purchased directly from the manufacturer. After all, you want a product that’s at peak freshness for optimal potency. Trust me – skip the third-party sources and skip the bullshit. Stick with the real deal whenever possible.

Interested in learning more about Semenax®? Check out my more in-depth review of this high-octane semen booster[2]  – including everything I liked and didn’t like (of which there wasn’t much).

#2: Volume Pills™ – New & Improved Formula

I really like it when a health supplement brand is committed to providing the best results possible. The Volume Pills™ formula has recently been upgraded according to the latest scientific evidence and clinical proof – making it one of the most effective semen boosters currently on the market.

Volume Pills™ have always been praised up and down by happy users. However, with the new and improved formula Volume Pills™ claims to:

  • Give You Bigger Loads than Ever Before
  • Combat Symptoms of ED
  • Produce Rock Hard Erections
  • Increase Sex Drive & Virility
  • Improve Overall Erection Quality

After trying Volume Pills™ for myself, I pretty much had only good things to say. It’s definitely one of the better supplements I’ve tried to date.

What Results Can You Expect from Volume Pills™?

Every guy is different. While most men report more semen volume in about 2 weeks, I could’ve sworn that my loads were bigger after just 1 week of taking Volume Pills™.

Okay, maybe that was wishful thinking. BUT, my orgasms were definitely longer, stronger, and fuller as time went on. I’d say the best results I saw were achieved in about 2 months of continued use.

Once Volume Pills™ increases your semen stores, you’re good to go – literally. Achieve some killer on-demand orgasms that’ll blow your mind with Volume Pills™.

How Do You Take Volume Pills™?

One of the things that a lot of guys like is the fact that Volume Pills™ only requires once-daily supplementation to provide some pretty serious results. Yep. Just pop 2 gel caps in the morning with your coffee, breakfast, or a glass of water. It’s that easy.

Want an extra pre-sex boost? That’s okay too! It’s entirely safe (and effective) to add a couple more gel caps before you want to get down and dirty between the sheets. Just be sure not to exceed more than 6 pills in a 24-hour period.

Are Volume Pills™ Worth It?

In my opinion, yes. Volume Pills™ definitely do most of what they claim, if not more. It might take time to see the results you want, but the results you do see are well worth it in the end.

There are a couple of minor drawbacks to Volume Pills™ as well. Check out the quick pros and cons list below. And, if you want to find out more about Volume Pills™[3], you can do so by heading over to my full review – where I discuss my experience with the product more in-depth.


  • Clinically proven & doctor-approved formula
  • 11 all-natural ingredients at optimal dosages
  • Noticeable results in 2-3 weeks
  • Can boost effects with pre-sex supplementation
  • 100% money-back guarantee (67-day)
  • Made in the USA


  • Full results can take almost 2-3 months
  • It recently became more expensive

With the recent formulation change, the price of Volume Pills™ went up slightly – causing somewhat of an upset with current users. However, Volume Pills™ still comes out to less than $2.50 a day and you can definitely take advantage of bulk discounts if you’re on a budget.

Where to Buy Volume Pills™

If you don’t wanna get burnt, stick with shopping directly from the Volume Pills™ official website. Because this brand is so well-known, there are a TON of fakes out there. You’re liable to get what you pay for if you find “Volume Pills™” elsewhere at a too-good-to-be-true price.

#3: VigRX Fertility Factor 5™ – Best for Baby-Making

Okay – this one isn’t exactly up my alley but I think it could be a good fit for a lot of guys out there. Why? Just because I’m not in the family-planning stage of my life, it doesn’t mean you might not be.

Fertility Factor 5™ is primarily designed to address a whole bunch of semen parameters that contribute to, well, your fertility. Those include:

  • Semen Volume
  • Sperm Morphology (Shape)
  • Sperm Mobility (Movement)
  • Sperm Count

Aside from that, Fertility Factor 5™ has a ton of powerhouse ingredients that’ll get your sex drive where it needs to be. It’s essentially the perfect recipe for baby-making.

What Results Can You Expect?

Like most all-natural supplements, Fertility Factor 5™ does need a while to build within your system. Guys can typically see an increase in semen volume in just a few weeks.

For the fertility stuff, it can take a bit longer. FF5 doesn’t just work to increase sperm production but it also helps with how well your sperm performs.

Based on clinical studies it can take upwards of 2-3 months before getting your little swimmers where they need to be. Spontaneous conception – makin’ a baby – can take even longer. We’re talking 6+ months.

How Do You Take Fertility Factor 5™?

What’s really cool about Fertility Factor 5™ is the fact that you only need once-daily supplementation. It’s super easy to use. Just take it around the same time every day and let it do the rest of the work for you.

It’s important to note, increasing dosages (aka taking more pills than recommended) will NOT produce better results. Stick with one pill and day and you’ll be good to go.

Is Fertility Factor 5™ Worth It?

Maybe. I’m on a quest for the HOLY GRAIL OF CUM, not to change diapers. And if I wanna be called “Daddy” I’ll ask my girl to do it. So for me, it’s a pass.

If you’re looking to get your girl/wife/whatever pregnant, then give it a go. Based on everything I’ve read, Fertility Factor 5™ DOES up your semen volume for bigger, more noticeable loads. Which is why it’s even on this list.

Still not sure? Take a look at some pros and cons associated with this semen volume booster.


  • All-natural ingredients
  • Clinically-proven dosages
  • It DOES boost semen volume
  • Good for guys who want kids
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Made in the USA


  • You’re paying extra for the fertility ingredients
  • Can take months to see real results

If you’re like me and you’re not into baby-making just yet, one of the above semen boosters might be a better fit for you.

Where to Buy Fertility Factor 5™

Head right to the FF5 official website if you’re looking to get this volume enhancer. Now’s not the time to skimp on something that could potentially have an impact on your entire life. Fertility Factor 5™ is the real deal when it comes to making babies so consider that before shopping with 3rd-party sources.

#4: Ball Refill™ – Boost Semen Volume & Confidence

Ball Refill™ has been on my radar for a while. It’s gotten a ton of mixed reviews when it comes to overall outcomes. It has a strong focus on increasing your loads as well as your confidence – both in the bedroom and out.

Ball Refill™ is packed with a ton of well-known ingredients aimed at boosting T-levels. This means:

  • More Overall Energy
  • Better Erection Quality
  • More Confidence in Your Manhood
  • Improved Sexual Performance
  • TONS More Semen Production
  • Better Sexual Satisfaction

This unique semen enhancer is definitely on my to-try list. And, I think it should be on yours too.

What Results Can You Expect?

The really nice thing about Ball Refill™ is the fact that it’s loaded down with bio-enhancers. That means you’ll see faster results than usual with just one pill a day. Most guys who’ve taken Ball Refill™ see results in about 1-2 weeks.

Results gradually improve from there – aka bigger loads, harder erections, and more overall confidence.

It can take anywhere from 2-3 months to see optimal outcomes. Be sure to give Ball Refill™ time if you want to see its full potential.

How Do You Take Ball Refill™?

Ball Refill™ is a once-daily supplement. It’s got some pretty intense ingredients at pretty high doses. I’d recommend avoiding any potential stomach issues by taking this supplement with plenty of food and water.

Is Ball Refill™ Worth It?

Based on the ingredients alone – I really think it could be. Almost every ingredient found within the formulation is clinically shown to be effective for boosting semen volume.

Is Ball Refill™ for you? Take a look at some of the pros and cons to decide for yourself.


  • All-Natural & Clinically-Proven Ingredients
  • High Dosages Compared to Others
  • Better Erections with On-Demand Orgasms
  • Helps Improve Testosterone Levels
  • Gives You Alpha-Male Confidence


  • Mixed user reviews
  • Can be hard to find in stock

Ball Refill™ is often hard to find in stock so if you see a chance to grab it – go for it. The fact that somebody out there is buying it is a good sign in my book.

Where to Buy Ball Refill™

To get Ball Refill™, you’ll have to go to the official Vigor Labs website. There you can find bulk discounts, save on shipping, and know you’re getting the real deal. There’s also a 24/7 customer support chat where you can find out everything you need to know before you buy.

#5: Ejaculoid – Best for Pre-Sex Stimulation

Ejaculoid has been around for quite a while and has helped tons of men enjoy sex more. It offers a wide range of benefits from boosting semen volume to increasing blood flow to the penis. This means:

  • Better Erection Quality
  • Better Orgasm Control
  • Better Overall Performance
  • Fuller Money Shots
  • Longer-Lasting & More Intense Orgasms

If Ejaculoid only does half of what it claims, it’s a definite win-win in my book. While it might be a little further down on my to-try list, I’m sure I’ll get around to giving it a go sooner rather than later.

What Results Can You Expect?

The majority of user reviews report initial results in just a week or two with gradual improvement after that. Once Ejaculoid has built up, you can take it to give your sex sessions an extra boost. This process can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to a few months depending on your lifestyle.

How Do You Take Ejaculoid?

Ejaculoid is a little different than some of the other semen-boosting supplements on our list. How? It’ll give you the best results if taken 30-90 minutes before sex. You’ll still need to take this daily supplement even if you don’t plan to get it on for maximum efficacy.

Two pills before sex is all it takes. Take them with food or water to see the best results.

Is Ejaculoid Worth It?

Yes, and no. Personally, I’d prefer a product that offers more long-term results. I hate thinking about taking a pre-sex pill but many other guys don’t seem to mind. And, it’s definitely a way better option than prescriptions like Viagra® that can be harmful to your health.

Think this all-natural booster might be for you? Check out a few of the pros and cons and see for yourself.


  • Completely all-natural
  • Improves semen volume AND blood flow
  • Fast-acting formula
  • One of the cheapest on our list
  • Quick, easy, discreet shipping


  • You should ideally take it before sex
  • You still need to take it on days you abstain

Ejaculoid is definitely one of the cheapest semen volume boosters on our list. That makes it a super easy investment for those of us that want to dip our toes in the supplement world.

Where to Buy Ejaculoid

Ejaculoid is made by Goliath Labs and can be purchased both in stores and online. Shopping directly from the source doesn’t really boast many benefits so go ahead and get it wherever you can find it the cheapest.

What’s the Best Semen Volume Booster for YOU?

Each of the above have some really good qualities. But for me, the #1 pick has to go to Semenax®. I’m pretty sure almost any guy that wants to SIGNIFICANTLY increase his load can benefit from this powerhouse semen volume booster.

Semenax® is a well-rounded supplement that offers a ton of benefits aside from just giving you out-of-this-world cumshots. You’ll also notice more intense orgasms, better erection quality, and your sex drive will be through the roof. And with the 100% money-back guarantee, it is definitely worth a try.