Welcome to the Holy Grail of Cum!

Hi, I’m Dick Cummins and welcome to The Holy Grail of Cum (fine… that’s not my real name, who in their right mind would put their real name on a website about finding the holy grail of cum loads? Read my bio to know more about my journey and why I’m here).

“Holy Grail of Cum?!?!?! WTF is this all about?”, you might be asking yourself. Well, a year or so ago, I experienced a horrifying realization; my cumshots were weak. Embarrassingly so. I didn’t know it at the time. I thought I had a pretty good money shot. After watching a little porn with the girlfriend, though, I quickly realized that my orgasms could be better. A lot better.

On this fateful day of watching porn with my girlfriend, we witnessed the biggest, wettest, gnarliest, cumshot I’ve ever seen. Now, I’ve seen a lot of porn in my day, and I’ve seen some pretty impressive money shots. This was different. This was some next-level shit.

I remember thinking to myself, “that chick is definitely gonna need a shower after that.” The sight of that much ejaculate all over that porn-chicks chest got us both ready to go. I was a little apprehensive, though. “That was a pretty impressive act to follow,” I thought. That was the first time I didn’t enjoy sex 100% with my girl.

Bringing a Squirt Gun to a Water Cannon Fight

Well, after that sex session, I didn’t find my girl having to jump in the shower to clean off. All it took was a couple of tissues. I was despondent. She saw that cumshot in the porno just like I did, and we both knew there was no way I could do that. Shit, I had the proof right there – two barely wet tissues sitting in the trash.

“This is bullshit”, I told myself. Sex had been a really big part of our relationship. It had always been amazing, and I always felt great afterward. Now, though, I felt like shit. I’m probably always going to remember her reaction to seeing that video and seeing that guy finishing up like a pro. Now I found myself wondering, “man, I hope she’s not disappointed in my finish”.

She’s seen what a pro can do. That dude was cumming buckets. Here I was, looking like some stingy-ass bartender, unable to even fill a shot glass to the top. I had to know what was up with that dude. That very afternoon I started Googling “how to cum more.”[1]  I found out pretty quickly; I wasn’t the only dude worrying about this problem.

The Quest for the Holy Grail of Cum

There were blog pages (mostly out of date), online forums, and Reddit discussions devoted to improving a man’s cumshot. Most of the info was bullshit, which I now know. I know because I spent that next year trying everything to improve my cumshot[2] . I tried nearly every suggestion I found online, including:

  • Changing my Diet – Dudes, if you bring anything away from this, it’s that yes, asparagus will help improve semen load volume. Your partner ain’t gonna be happy about it, though. If you thought she was hesitant to swallow before, wait until your cumshot tastes and smells of asparagus.
  • Quitting Smoking – This actually did help improve loads a little. Plus, I feel better and am not gasping for breath after 10 minutes of sex.
  • Taking Zinc – You’re going to see this one a lot in your research. Zinc actually helps improve load size. Quite a bit actually. Not all zinc is created equal, though.
  • Exercise – I was a little pissed when I ran across this recommendation. I already exercised a lot at that time. That didn’t really translate into massive cumshots, though.
  • Pelvic Exercises – I have no idea if these worked. I felt like a fucking fool doing them, and I quit after a week or so.

There must have been fifty other things I tried to boost my semen volume. Some worked well, some worked, maybe, a little, and some were a complete waste of time and money. I went through the year trying different tips, tricks, and techniques to improve my cumshots. And I kept meticulous notes the entire time, trying to figure out what worked and what didn’t.

That’s why I started this blog. I had notes on my quest for the Holy Grail of Cum everywhere: on scraps of paper in my home office; in emails to dieticians; notes I took while at the doctor’s office; blog posts I’ve printed out; etc. I had info on how to cum more all over the fucking place.

The Holy Grail of Cum was Finally Conceived

A year later, I’m finally happy with my loads, and I want to share with other guys how I got to this point (especially so it doesn’t take you as long to finally achieve massive cumshots as it did me). I’ve compiled hundreds of notes and bits of information that I’ve collected over the past year and summarized them into easy to read blog posts, covering:

  • what worked to boost my semen volume;
  • what didn’t work or wasn’t worth the effort;
  • how much certain treatments cost;
  • whether or not you should involve a doctor;
  • synthetic vs natural semen volume boosters; and
  • improving your overall sexual health.

That last bullet point there I never took very seriously. I never really had problems in the bedroom. Before starting this quest for the Holy Grail of Cum I was horny all of the time, I could get it up, and I could go the distance. My only problem, or so I thought, was my weak cumshots. Now, looking back, I see that wasn’t really the case after all.

Finally, Cumshots That’ll Make a Porn Star Blush

Things are going well these days, as far as the bedroom is concerned. I may not be cumming buckets, like my original inspiration in that porno, but I was getting closer. A lot closer. Trust me, two little tissues ain’t cutting it anymore during my girlfriend’s post-sex-cleanup. Showers are a must.

I went from cumming drips and drops to full-on gushers. Facials that had been mildly moist are now mascara-removing deluges of biblical proportions. I’m loving it. I never knew until now just how awesome an orgasm can actually feel. Sure, cumming was great before, but this is something completely new. Like, knees trembling and holding onto something so I don’t fall over good.

And it’s not just bigger, wetter, and longer cumshots I’m experiencing. Everything is better in the bedroom now. While I was on this quest for The Holy Grail of Cum, I was able to pick up tips on how to improve my overall sex life. Having a massive cumshot is great…keeping your dick hard enough for a second massive cumshot is some next-level shit. Believe me.

Improve your Cumshots and your Sex Life

So, while this blog is mostly going to be about boosting semen volume and improving cumshots, we may touch on a few things related, like:

  • Boosting Sex Drive – There is no sense in boosting semen volume if your sex drive is in the toilet.
  • Improving Erection Quality – I’ll tell you how to boost semen volume, no problem. If you can’t get it up, though, or keep it up, what’s the point?
  • Going the Distance – Sure, you’re eager to impress your new girlfriend with your larger than average loads. Let’s slow it down there a bit. No one’s out there looking for a “one pump chump”.
  • Improving Semen Flavor – If you’re chowing down on asparagus and spinach to boost your semen volume (both of which work), you’re going to have to remove that funk from your spunk or you can kiss the blowjobs and facials goodbye.
  • Improving Overall Sex Life – Massive cumshots are are just one component of a better than average sex life. We’ll touch on some other tips and tricks that’ll turn your sex life from forgettable to fucking fantastic.

During this year’s quest for The Holy Grail of Cum I learned a lot about boosting semen volume. I’d say I’ve accumulated more data on the subject than your average guy has. I also learned a few tips and tricks along the way on other ways to improve your time between the sheets. And I want to share that knowledge with you.

So, What the Fuck are We Waiting For?

Are you ready to take your money shots to the next level? Are you tired of starting off strong and finishing weak? Are you ready to start painting some headboards with your little swimmers? Then get to reading, my man. I’ve got info here on how I went from a few drips, drops, and squirts to money shots that will impress even the most seasoned porn aficionado.

The best part is…anyone can do it. And it doesn’t have to take you a year to figure it out like it did me. Get started reading now, and before you know it you’ll be on your way to massive cumshots you had no idea was even possible. It’ll change your life…it did mine.